Thursday, February 08, 2007

Check out this post you might be a geek if .

And here is what I think:
You have to be a geek, if :
- You can actually look at text and recognize the font by its name.
- You have long arguments about what blogging software to use.
- You can think of a pickup line involving WOW.
- You broke up with a girl online.
- You know someone who knows someone who has a friend whose email ID you know.
- You have researched about carpal tunnel syndrome.
- You have a stuffed Penguin at your desk that reads Linux rocks !
- You have an opinion about how social networking has impacted Opensource development.
- Your girlfriend buys you a usb hard drive for your birthday. And you’re happy about it.
- You brag about your system configration or your website traffic.
- You email yourself notes/reminders.
- Someone says “enhance the curves” talking about some graphs, and you don’t get the pun.
- You think silicon is used only for computer chips.
- You bought your girlfriend a website on her birthday.
I will keep this series going. Should be fun !

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Lozil said...

Nice ones There... :)